Jumpbook Information

- Jumpbooks are e-book rentals

- Most Jumpbooks expire after 180 days

- You can print pages from your Jumpbook

- To access your e-book, you will need an active internet connection

- Your book may be checked out for offline use on some devices and browsers

- For more details, go to www.vitalsource.com/student-etextbooks

- Apps are available for many Apple and Android devices

- For more details, go to www.vitalsource.com/student-etextbooks

Jumpbooks Return Policy

Jumpbooks may be returned within 1 week of purchase

If more than 20% of the Jumpbook has been accessed or printed, it cannot be returned

The book status must be "checked in" (No section of the book maybe "checked out" for offline reading)

The bookstore is unable to override these policies


To activate your Jumpbook, you will need your receipt, go to marauder.jumpbooks.com

If you need any technical support for your Jumpbook, please contact help@jumpbooks.com

If you have any other questions about Jumpbooks, go to Jumpbooks.com/help