Adopting a New Textbook

Adopting a new textbook is easy.  Just be sure you've used your current textbook for a minimum of two years and that you'll also be using the new textbook you adopt for a minimum of two years.

Here are the steps to adopting a new textbook:

  1. Fill out one of the following forms:

    a)  A Textbook Proposal form for each new textbook you are adopting.
    b)  A Custom Textbook Adoption Form for each new custom textbook
          you are adopting. 
    c)  A Textbook Package Adoption Form for each new textbook package/kit
          you are adopting. 

    If the ISBN has been used previously by another instructor, then you do not need to fill out one of the above forms.*

  2. Fill out a textbook requisition via the Electronic Textbook Requisition webpage for additional materials used in the course,

  3. Submit your Electronic Textbook Requisition if using additional materials and send appropriate form to the bookstore.

*Click here to see if other instructors have used the book you would like to adopt.  Just type in the ISBN and hit "Go."  If the book information shows up, then it's been used before and a proposal or adoption form isn't needed.  If nothing comes up then you will need to fill out a form.

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