Finding The Right Textbook Shouldn't Be A Full-Time Job.

Teachers don't exactly keep banker's hours.  With the constant pressure to improve your lesson plans, there's not always time to research the textbooks you'd like to use for class.  That's where Faculty Center comes in.  Faculty Center Network takes the pain out of finding a new textbook and frees you to do other things - like, enjoy your free time for a change.

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Center Website
Creating a Log-in and
site Instructions
With Faculty Center Network, you can
View books by author, title or keywords.
Look up Publisher contact information.
Browse a subject's tree specifically designed for the college market
Filter your results to show only the newest or the most popular textbooks
Fill virtual "Notebooks" with titles you're interested in for adoption, review copies, or research purposes.

How it works

After you receive your log in information for the site, you can research books through a series of advanced search features:  author's last name (any author listed for the textbooks), keyword in the title, ISBN, or general keyword.  Or, simply browse by subject.

Book information includes

Book information includes:  Information on supplements for students and faculty; Book summaries; Tables of content; Author biographies; How to request a review copy from the publisher; Links to the publisher's web site; The book's ranking by popularity within its subject and How popular a book is in each of the Carnegie classifications.

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